Turning heads since 1934

Luxury hats to suit every style

Our history in headwear dates back 90 years.

Let’s return, for a moment, to the post-Depression years, when a devastating drought blanketed the Prairies for a decade. While the conditions wreaked havoc on the Western Canadian farm trade, those working on the land tried to seek relief and protection from the powerful sun and relentless heat.

The idea for Crown Cap was born in 1934, launching what’s since become a successful venture in manufacturing textile headwear for almost a century. From humble roots outfitting folks on the farm with fitted work caps, we’ve evolved into the largest hat manufacturer and leading headwear designer in Canada.


As the decades passed and styles changed, our positive reputation and customer base only grew. No matter the year or current trends, our work has always been unpinned by our values of heritage, innovation, and quality.

When Paul Leinburd acquired Crown Cap in 1987, he noted the absence of finely crafted luxury headwear and accessories in the Canadian fashion landscape. Impressed by the production team’s skilled handiwork, he envisioned—and later manifested—the secret to continued success: a combination of old-world skills, high-end fur and leather materials, trailblazing designs, and top-notch customer service.

Based in Winnipeg, Canada, the company that started with simple fitted headwear has maintained its prairie sensibilities while growing into a global fashion enterprise, welcoming world renowned designer labels and retailers into our family.


World-renowned craftsmanship

With years of experience, incredible talent, and persistence in mastering their craft, our team has established themselves as the benchmark for quality headwear. Our reputation as the leading hat manufacturer in Canada means companies know they can rely on us for industry-leading design and creation across an assortment of styles.

Our Canadian heritage

We remain true to our roots not only as a Canadian-owned and -operated business, but also as a family operation as we enter the second generation of ownership. We could not do it without our dedicated staff, whose creativity and innovation know no bounds. It is a real feather in our cap to work alongside the talented team in our Winnipeg manufacturing facility, right here in the heart of Canada.

A commitment to excellence

Whether a fashion-forward cap or luxury fur hat, quilted jacket or set of cozy mittens, each piece is meticulously hand-crafted with the finest materials and attention to detail. We strive for unparalleled quality and service and are committed to providing the best products while conducting business in a fair, socially responsible way.

Giving back

Community is at the core of everything we do. That is why Crown Cap contributes to worthwhile charitable causes that enhance the quality of life for people in the community. Some of the organizations we support include:

Emily Carr School (Gordon Adaskin Fund)