Summer Fun

Summer is officially here. What are you doing reading a newsletter? You should be out having fun in the sun! Don’t worry, we are going to be quick this time.

Now that the kids are out of school you have a lot to get accomplished. You are going to the lake, taking advantage of the many campgrounds available and barbequing all the steaks and hot dogs you can handle. Both Canada Day and the Fourth of July bring friends and family together to celebrate and stay up late to watch the fireworks. I love watching the kids’ faces as the explosions light up the sky and they know they are up way past their bedtimes.

Did you know that a lot of campgrounds have Wi-Fi available now? This is good news because you don’t have to interrupt your enjoyment of the great outdoors to contact your Crown Cap representative. Now is the perfect time to place your fall 2014 order with us if you have not done so already. Order soon so you can stock our many great new styles that are available for fall/winter 2014. We will work with you to ensure you have your product in time when fall weather approaches.

After your orders are in you can lie back and relax in the sun. Don’t forget the sunscreen!


Product Spotlight
Shearling aviator color block
Style #: 2-76836
The Muskrat Yukon with its six piece nylon crown is a beautiful piece of Canadian craftsmanship. The generous muskrat earflaps make this an instant classic.Colors: black and navy
Sizes: Small-3XL

Proudly made in Canada

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