All About Shearling

This week we are going to find out about one of our favourite products to work with. Shearling has been used since ancient times and the product itself has changed very little even as manufacturers have kept the designs current.

Shearling comes from a sheep or a lamb and the leather is tanned with the wool left intact, sheared to a uniform depth. The depth of the wool is different for varied styles as shearling is popular in all types of clothing from boots to coats, and of course our many varieties of cozy headwear.

This durable and versatile material will keep you warm even in sub-zero temperatures with the leather blocking the frosty wind while the wool wicks away the moisture from your body and surrounds you with its soft, comfy warmth.

Shearling is very low maintenance and will be a part of your winter wardrobe for years to come as long as you remember a few simple things. When your shearling hat comes in from the weather, slightly wet from either rain or snow, simply shake the hat out and let it air-dry. Never put your shearling hat into a washing machine or dryer or attempt to dry it with a hairdryer. As with any natural leather product the heat is deadly. If you do get your shearling dirty you may need to get it dry-cleaned by a cleaner specializing in leather cleaning.

When you are not wearing your shearling hat keep it in a cool, dry place, away from the heat and sun and let it breathe. Do not store it in a plastic bag or packed tightly with other things.

Product Spotlight
Shearling aviator color block
Style #: 2-86475
Natural shearling & melton aviator with leather chinstrapColors: yellow, red, blue and green
Sizes: Small-3XLProudly made in Canada
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