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Summer is here! University is done, high school is almost over and the golf courses are full. The summer sun has started to work its magic on our brains and bodies and the vitamin D is making us glow.

If we are going to enjoy our summer, we have to plan for the fall and that means getting ready for back to school and college shopping. Having the right inventory out means you can capitalize on the summer travelers as well as the students and faculty who will be returning to the campus.

Crown Cap can help you make sure you have the proper apparel and accessories for the season that is upon us and the one to come.

Bags have become one of the trendiest accessories for fall 2014. Messenger bags and duffle bags have taken hold of their place as a fashion accessory as the usefulness of them increases.

If you have not yet heard or seen, Crown Cap launched our Nathaniel Cole bag collection a few years ago and as demand increases we have added many options.

We make bags made from leather, waxed canvas and cotton canvas in an array of beautiful colors and designs. From messenger bags to duffle bags to travel cases, Crown Cap is your solution for what your customers have been looking for.

Over the years bags have become more popular, especially for men as technology and lifestyles have changed. Men used to be able to get by with just a wallet and their pockets only needed to hold a set of keys and some loose change. We carry more things around these days and have added to that wallet. Laptops, electronics and cell phones all need to be with us and our pockets just can’t handle it all.

A good bag can help you organize your day, bring you from home to work to play without having to make multiple trips to fetch the things you need because you can’t carry it all.

The best thing is we have designed our bag collection to compliment many of our hat styles. You can coordinate your look with items such as the waxed cotton canvas hunting cap with shearling earflaps and leather chin strap or our waxed canvas bucket hat with leather trim to go with our Weekend Duffle.

Product Spotlight
Shearling aviator color block
Style #: B-1208
Weekend Duffle

Made from Cotton canvas with leather trim and antique brass hardware, this bag is stylish enough to go anywhere and large enough to take you out on a weekend in the country.

Available in navy, olive, black and tan
– Perfect for the back to school season

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